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Trebles In Patchwork Crochet

It is possible to use trebles in patchwork crochet as opposed to treble clusters.

I have found however that when using this method of crochet, it is best to use a single strand of crochet cotton.

A treble stitch is formed as follows:

  • yarn over, insert the hook into the space, pull up a loop,
  • yarn over, pull through 2 loops,
  • 2 loops left. Yarn over, pull through 2 loops

Treble stitches is a beginner stitch and definitely easy enough to accomplish for any level of crocheter.

When you use the stitch in patchwork crochet though, it is best to double check exactly how many stitches you need to make under the blanket stitch loops.

In the corners you can create 2 trebles, 2 chains and 2 trebles.

On the straight edges you could either stitch 2 trebles under each loop or 3 trebles. You should not create any chains in between the trebles as doing so could create to many stitches and your work would then frill.

Creating only trebles in the first row definitely opens up options for you to create other crochet stitches on the second and subsequent rows.

Some options are as follows:

  • The second row could have trebles stitched on top of the stitches of the previous row OR
  • Separate each treble with a 1 chain space OR
  • Separate every second treble with a 1 chain space – see pic below:

There are many more possibilities but it is important to test each idea before deciding on your patterning and proceeding with your project.