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Silver Bell & Xmas Bauble

Interlocking Filet Crochet Pattern
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Silver Bell & Xmas Bauble Pattern
Silver Bell & Xmas Baubles7
Silver Bell & Xmas Bauble25

These Potholders are created using the Interlocking Filet Crochet Technique Its never to early to start creating xmas gifts.

Silver Bell and Xmas Baubles Potholder set is the first of a few xmas themed designs which I will be publishing over the next few weeks.

This particular design set is dedicated to my mom who is BIG on xmas….she is a ‘Its never to early to plan for December even if its only September!’ kinda lady (I am a plan on the 23rd of Dec kinda girl).

As I was crocheting the Silver Bell I kept recalling her singing a xmas song entitled Silver Bells and she would get super animated at the ‘tring-a ling’ part of the song… makes you LOL! I even found myself laughing at the memory whilst stitching!

I hope you have great fun creating these whether for yourself or as gifts for friends. I am keen to see your colour choices.

If you would like to learn the technique and you live in Cape Town, I am planning a workshop on the technique for September.

Watch my facebook page or instagram for details:

IG: crochetclassescapetown


For more on Interlocking Filet Crochet please download the file in my tutorial section: The Back & Forth Of Interlocking Filet Crochet

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Interlocking Filet Crochet Cape Town – Designs By Lynne