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Anchor & Sailboat Potholders

Interlocking Filet Crochet Pattern
R 60,00

Anchor & Sailboat Potholders

These potholders are completed using the interlocking filet crochet technique.

If you have never tried interlocking filet crochet, you will find indepth tutorial videos on Youtube. Search: Interlocking Filet Crochet

In order to get the ombre effect I used 1 x ball of Catania Originals Color in shade 0021 and 2 x balls in Catania Originals Solid in shade 00105 (off white).

If you prefer you may use shade 00106 (bright white) No gauge is necessary for this project.

I used a 2.5mm crochet hook but you may use a 3.00mm as well. Your potholder will be slightly bigger.

Please note that this pattern was tested by a lefthanded crocheter.

If you are right handed, you follow the pattern as written. Your sailboat will face in the opposite direction


For more on Interlocking Filet Crochet please download the file in my tutorial section: The Back & Forth Of Interlocking Filet Crochet

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Interlocking Filet Crochet Cape Town – Designs By Lynne