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Tips & Tricks For Choosing Projects

When people join my classes I make a point of telling them to NOT look at what the person next to them is doing. WHY?

Because YOUR Crochet is about YOU and no one else! YOUR project, YOUR Style, YOUR Colourway, the yarn YOU prefer and last but not least...YOUR Relaxation and sanity!

With a plethora of patterns, projects, yarns and colourways out there; how do you choose?

For those of you who were around in the early 90's (yes we are going that far back) there was a movie called Runaway Bride - Julia Roberts and Mr Hottie: Richard Gere.....remember?

The storyline is something along the lines of her constant acceptance of marriage proposals to various guys in the town and then not following through, come the big day. Long story short: there is a scene in the movie when Richard Gere's character tells her to "Decide How You Like Your Eggs Done." You see, every time she dated a new guy she would prefer her eggs done however he (the guy of the moment) enjoyed his eggs. Gere advises her to "Decide how YOU like your eggs done."

Pretty much the same can be said for our crochet. We are often told to make good choices but we should also be aware that we make the RIGHT choices FOR US.

So, when you choose your crochet projects, yarns, colourways....CHOOSE WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!

If you don't like black, then don't buy black yarn. If you don't enjoy making garments then don't make garments. If you prefer only cotton yarn then only buy cotton yarn and steer clear of wools and really is as simple as that.

You see the problem is, if you are constantly purchasing what you are either coaxed into, or whatever your friend is making or buying, or you are signing up for workshops that don't appeal to you simply because your friend is attending, then you are; like Julia Roberts character, not going to follow through and you could end up hating crochet FOREVER! 

Your Crochet Keeps You Sane! Take Care Of It! Decide How YOU Like Your Eggs Done!


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