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Being Mindful When You Crochet

Its important to remember, when crocheting, to be aware of what you are doing as well as how you, your mind and body is reacting to it.

Sometimes I find that my mind wonders and that's usually when I start making mistakes; trebles that suddenly become half trebles, chains where they shouldn't be.......

However, when I start to focus on what I am doing and am aware of my surroundings - even with a movie playing - I find that my body relaxes and I enjoy the creation of the project even more than usual.

Learning From Every Project

With every project I find I learn something new. By this I don't just mean learning a new pattern or stitch technique. If I am focused on what I am doing; if I am fully present, I tend to learn something about myself. Sometimes this would be in direct relation to the project and sometimes it would be an awareness of how much I have grown (or not grown) in an area of my life.

Some scenarios of this which might strike a cord with you:

  • you start a new project and after much struggling because you are unable to make head or tail of the pattern or part thereof, you toss the piece aside and that's it! - Frustration has set in. I don't see this as quitting, BTW. Quitting would be you give up crochet altogether because of one project that drove you nuts. I see this scenario as: 'this project or type of project is not for me' because let's face it, crochet has many subcategories: thread crochet, irish crochet, filet crochet, amigurumi,.....etc....just because it's all on the table doesn't mean everyone will want it
  • let's say you start the new project and it frustrates you and you toss it aside for a few days. You let the frustration simmer down and then you return to it, determined to get over the hurdle. Lets assume then that you do, don't you then feel a sense of accomplishment? You persevered, through that difficult row or project. You came out on the other side of it with something beautiful to show!

There are many scenarios I can go into, but this last one is one that I unexpectedly experienced recently. I say unexpectedly because, well, I just never thought I would ever get back to this. I have been crocheting since I was 10 years old and yes, like every new crocheter I started with the granny square. In my case though, even as a child, I did not stay with granny square projects for long. As children tend to do, I would crochet a bit and then for very long periods of time not pick up a hook at all. At about 15 I taught myself to read a pattern and started to crochet doilies; working with lace weight yarn and a 1.5mm imagine: from 4 or 4.5mm hooks and probably DK yarn straight to lace weight and a 1.5mm hook - sometimes its best we don't know exactly what we are taking on :)

Anyway, I loved making those doilies. This went on for a while and then I stopped. School life, teenage life, life in general took over.

Fast forward to 2020: COVID-19/Lockdown/Save Us From This Year....I came across some doilie designs by Julia Hart (@draiguna). If you love doilies, take a look at her blog: 

I absolutely fell in love with Evocation; a 3 part design that becomes a beautiful piece of craft work. Every row is different, you are learning ALL THE TIME whilst creating this piece.

It was whilst crocheting Evocation that my love of thread crochet was rekindled. I had forgotten just how satisfying the challenge was, how much learning was happening, at times with a little bit of confusion but most times, with pleasure and maybe even, other learnings were happening unknowingly.

In short, that's the other thing that can happen whilst you work on a crochet project: you discover things about yourself, that you had either, forgotten or new self-discoveries are made. Maybe you grow in patience, maybe you discover that some projects are not for you or possibly that maybe something is for you and you would like to continue down that road......who knows.....but go on the adventure, focused and aware; your discoveries might open up a whole new world for you.

Needless to say I made Evocation twice in the space of a month and then started another one of Julias's designs which I will post about soon.


Enjoy Your Crochet. Keep Warm (if you are in SA right now)


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