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Crochet Tips To Remember

Crochet - Important Tips To Remember:


·         Always use the right hook size for YOUR tension. Irrespective of what the pattern says. Remember that each person has a different tension and each yarn type also renders a different tension

·         If your work is to tight INCREASE hook size – go up in .25 or .50 increments

·         If your work is to loose DECREASE hook size – go down in .25 or .50 increments

·         Feel your work. It must feel soft and flowing UNLESS you are making a bag or a rug, then you need to have the work feel tight.


·         Always ensure that you are sitting comfortably with your back flush against the back of the chair

·         When stitching a cylinder shaped item like a bag, be sure to keep your back straight and DO NOT push your working shoulder forward – you will thank me later.


·         Be sure to use the correct yarn or equivalent for your project. Not every yarn works for every project


·         Always check the terminology of the pattern you are working with (US OR UK) as there are 2 different sets of terms that gets used. Please see my post and tutorial on:


·         Yarn Over – loop the yarn over the hoop

·         Insert in to space – insert the hook into the space where the stitch will be made

·         Pull Up A Loop – pull a loop through the space

·         Pull Through Loop – once you have pulled UP a loop the next step is normally to pull the new loop through however many loops already on the hook, to create a stitch or part thereof

·         Turn – turn your work

·         Work in the Round vs Work in Rows – working the round is normally for circular projects

·         Turning Chain – when working in ROWS. Turning chain is used at the end of the row. The pattern dictates how many chain to make. Turning at the end of a row as opposed to the beginning of the next row, keeps the edge straight

·         Magic Ring – used in place of starting chain when creating a circle

·         Fasten off – End your work by cutting the thread and pulling it through the last stitch


·        Laying the completed item out on a blocking board and then pinning it down using rust proof pins and spraying it with water OR

·        Placing it in water mixed with starch, laying it on the blocking board and pinning in place OR 

·        Using the holes of pegboard and some wooden skewer sticks; place the skewers through the holes of both the damp blocks and the pegboard. This method works well for squares