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Never Forget About This Stitch

When crocheting in the round, there is a stitch right next to the corner stitches which often gets forgotten about.

Its a pretty important stitch as missing it will lead to:

  • miscounting
  • skew sides which ultimately lead to lopsided squares

The stitch I am talking about sits right next to the corner and is easily and often, missed since the insertion point for the crochet hook is actually RIGHT next to the corner, AS IF you are stitching INTO the corner

For LEFT HANDED Crocheters it is indicated in the picture below

For RIGHT HANDED Crocheters it is indicated in this picture:

In order to complete the stitch, you need to insert the hook UNDER the little loop just on the INSIDE of the corner as shown in the pictures below:



Crocheters often misunderstand and think that the first stitch after the corner is the next top "chain link" that you see, but if you use that concept, you will soon find that you will be 1 stitch short of the count from the row before.

Note that this only applies when you work INTO the stitch of the preceding row. It does not necessarily apply when working into chain spaces, unless the designer created the pattern that way.


Happy Crocheting and Keep Warm Cape Town!

Stay Safe!

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